Suhool has a conviction-led and long-term approach to investment. We believe we can deliver the best returns for our partners through active management by developing a deep understanding of the companies and organisations we invest in.


We cooperate with leading service providers as partners for legal and financial due diligence.

Our diligence process involves understanding the underlying growth drivers in a granular detail, evaluating the strength and sustainability of the competitive moat and figuring out management’s capability and intentions. In order to accomplish this objective we conduct extensive due diligence which involves speaking with various stakeholders including management, competitors, regulators, suppliers, distributors, retailers and also visiting factories, depots and retail outlets.


We are actively seeking investment opportunities within food distribution, and specialize in identifying small to mid size companies that are leaders in the niche they operate in.

These companies have high return ratios, strong cash flows, robust balance sheets and are run by excellent managers. As value investors, we invest in such outstanding companies when their valuation is below our conservative estimate of their intrinsic value.

We conduct in-depth proprietary research, build a concentrated portfolio and keep a long-term investment outlook. Our approach to investments reflects our uncompromising commitment to intellectual honesty, rationality, integrity and excellence.